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My work is about the affinity I feel towards mountains. I love being outside in beautiful, vast landscapes because they offer a sense of perspective which may have something to do with the scale of yourself within the surroundings.

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As an artist and a climber I am interested in the visual appeal of geology. Why it is that alpinists are drawn to certain mountains or why rock climbers describe certain routes or lines in rock as beautiful. As a climber I want to experience these places but as an artist I want to capture the essence of them.

My work is about my love of being outside in beautiful, natural surroundings. I'm an avid rock climber and have been since I was young. One of the things that I enjoy most about climbing is the amazing places it can take you to. My work ties together my passion for these landscapes along with my enjoyment of drawing. A lot of my work is concerned with exploring our relationship to the landscape.

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